Cairo University Bans Niqab Professor

The issue of whether students or faculty can wear a niqab or burqa in a classroom was answered by Cairo University which made clear to a professor that if she wanted to interact with students it had to be without a niqab. A few months ago, Cairo University banned any female student who was wearing a niqab to enter university grounds. Minister of Higher Education, Hani Helal banned the niqab on grounds, in doing so it interfered with the rights of other students. “Every female student has a right to wear the niqab outside the university campus but will not be allowed to do so on campus.” Ah, the niqab wars continue regardless of whether it emerges in a non-Muslim society or in a Muslim society.

Frankly. if students can wear the clothes they display ever day in a college, why not a niqab? Sometimes sitting in a class with a boring professor, it might be welcome to covering the teacher’s face so we don’t hear all the words.