Call A Spade A Spade Is My Motto Say Rev Wright

Fox News undoubtedly had a wonderful story to dwell on for a day when the Reverend Jeremiah Wright blasted “them Jews” in the Barack Obama administration for denying him an opportunity to talk with the president. “Them Jews ain’t going to let me talk with him,” roared the mouth that can not speak without angering someone. “They will not let him talk to anybody who calls a spade a spade.” Yes, Reverend, they definitely will not allow someone to use expressions such as “call a spade a spade” which to many African Americans is rather insulting. Naturally, the good reverend could not make a statement without saying something about Israel whose Gaza offense he termed “ethnic cleansing” and a “crime against humanity.”

As an African American it is interesting the Reverend has nothing to say about the death of five million Africans in the Congo or the death of 60,000 in Uganda or the death of over 200,000 in Darfur. President Obama is attempting to resolve a difficult conflict in the Middle East and, believe it or not, Reverend Wright, you are the last person from whom he would seek advice or counsel. It’s not “them Jews,” who won’t let you into the White House, it’s “that damn dark skinned guy.”