Cambodia Explodes In Frustration

A major problem in modern life is our ability to gain access to stories of brutality and oppression of people in every part of this planet. All too often someone in the United States has more information than those fighting for their human rights. Cambodia has been ruled for 28 years by a man named Hun Sen, and he has governed with the iron fist of brutality in order to continue being head of the nation. The taste of power is delightful for all too many people, regardless of where on this planet. There is a King in Cambodia, there is a Constitution, but there is always Hun Sen to ensure these factors do not get in his way of being the head boss of the nation. He has banned protest demonstrations and to ensure people involved in these signs of distrust of his rule, protesters are gently reminded of the need to clear the streets.

So, Sen sends in men in plain clothes who carry steel bars, metal pipes, batons, sticks and axes in order to quietly convince one and all to head in another direction. Naturally, these “citizens” are simply acting in accord with the King and the Constitution and the prime minister. Gee, I wonder who that is. Opposition leader, Sam Rainsy decided to return to his nation only to be informed he has a date in court to explain why he is involved in “undermining public safety?” It is fascinating how modern governments are so concerned with our “public safety.” It provides one a sense of security knowing that my government worries about my safety.