Cambodia Still In Pain

Few nations of the world have endured the horror and suffering of the people of Cambodia. They endured the horror of Pol Pot which resulted in the murder of over one million people by its own rulers. Peace returned to Cambodia after defeat of Pol Pot, but memories of being mistreated are still present in the minds of many people. Hun Sen has basically ruled the nation for a few decades, but decided to hold an election. Much to his surprise most Cambodians apparently favored his opponents, but Mr. Sen decided to award the election to himself. Protesters filled the streets of Phnom Penh only to be met by the police. Hundreds are injured and a few may be dead. It was the hope of Cambodians that finally their nation could conduct an honest election and its results accepted by Mr. Sen.

Memories all too often linger on into the future. The most intelligent solution is to createa power sharing process which would be step one on the path to a real democracy.