Cameras In The Classroom

We have cameras in airports, in department stores, attached to traffic lights, at the front entrances to buildings, in banks, and it is not surprising that a school in Kuwait decided it was time to put teachers and students on camera. The Farwaniya Islamic Institute for Girls installed closed circuit television cameras in classrooms in order to find out exactly what goes on between teachers and students. The cameras have created an uproar, particularly for Muslim females who wear a niqab since ordinarily they take it off in class, but the presence of a TV camera leaves them uncertain as to whether some male is secretly gazing at their faces. Teachers are uncomfortable about why someone is watching them an it impacts the manner in which they teach and interact with students.

The cameras were the idea of the administration who explained: “we decided to install these cameras to monitor the performance in both the classrooms and labs. We wanted to check misconduct on the part of teachers and keep a check on students.” Who knows, maybe the students are engaged in some sort of illegal action like giving a hug to a friend or maybe the teacher bends down to pick up a piece of paper and can see the shoes of the females. One can not be too careful these days.

I just have one question– will cameras be installed in the offices of administrators to check on any possible misconduct on their part?