Cameron Demands Punishment For Criminals

We applaud recent statements from British Prime Minister David Cameron that anyone who commits a crime and raises the specter of violence deserves to be severely punished. However, I am confused that in his mind only those guilty of rioting are criminals. I thought he means members of the business community who lied to people, wiped out their life savings and created an economic recession which has left millions without jobs. But, for some strange reason,
Cameron only wants to focus on those who stole a chair or TV set.

Jordan Blackshaw and Perry Sudcliffe tried to organize via Facebook a riot event, but nothing ever happened. Their idea turned out to be a fiasco but both young men were given 4 year prison sentences. Cameron believes that is the way to halt riots. “We need to send a very clear message that it’s wrong and won’t be tolerated.”

OK, David, what about financial leaders who rob from the people and destroy their lives? Any strong messages for them? I guess not since it would not look good to place in prison guests at your home. Tell me, David, is taking money for election campaigns a crime that should be punished?