Cameron Is Tough Dude

We increasingly inhabit a planet on which there are leaders determined to protect one and all from the horror of terrorism. In fact, the last thing these leaders do prior to going to sleep is uttering a prayer to the God who opposes terrorism. In fact, the first thing on arising in the morning is to repeat one hundred times, “I will fight terrorists.” The World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers(WAN-IFRA) has informed British Prime Minister David Cameron that he has followed the road of destroying freedom of the press. “That your government felt the need to threaten legal action in order to block reporting into issues of public interest is deeply regrettable.”

They are angry that the partner of Glenn Greenwald, who has exposed abuse of government power, was halted and questioned at Heathrow Airport. Mr. Miranda has nothing to do with exposing anything other than being a lover of one who does enjoy such activities. In essence, Cameron and Obama and whoever uses the word, “terrorism” in order to justify any action against a member of the media who expresses an opinion on this topic which does not go along with that of the government. Miranda and Greenwald still do not get the understanding-the government is always right if they say the word, “terrorism.”