Cameron Pleased With Afghanistan Progress

There must be something in the air of Kabul because whenever a political leader from the West steps foot in the environs of the Afghanistan capital, they begin to come across as something who has been heavily into the weed. UK Prime Minister David Cameron is in Kabul, we assume he has gone to one of the local places one attends in order to get high on nothing but hot air. He told President Karzai that he is “cautiously optimistic” and is pleased that “real progress is being made every single day with our(English) support.” Yes, there is plenty of progress to report–people die each day, the Taliban returns each night, and we go them on the run back to Pakistan where they can rest, relax and return to killing folk. Cameron is delirious with happiness because “I believe there is clear evidence that we have the right strategy.”

Let me get this straight:

We have been in Afghanistan for nine years.

During this time the number of NATO and US soldiers who are killed continues to rise.

The Taliban control a nice hunk of the place.

If there is an attempt to hold an election, President Karzai makes certain he wins before the first ballot is cast.

Yes, David, you should be optimistic. About what, is the real question?