Cameron/Clegg Seek To Reduce Government Intrusion

The new Conservative/Liberal Democratic government of Great Britain
promises to sharply curtail laws that interfere with the free exercise of
democracy in the nation. The United Kingdom, like the USA, has adopted the
rule of fear in order to justify reducing civil rights. All one has to do is yell,
“terrorist” to sanction another law that deprives individuals of their right
to privacy. Under proposed legislation, the concept of an Identification
card will be dropped and those who purchased one can simply tear them
up. Keeping DNA of innocent people will be curtailed and there will be
a rethinking of laws passed during this decade in the name of anti-

Hysteria, rather than common sense has reigned for too long in
democratic nations. After all, why should libraries be telling the
government the name of books read by their customers? All nations must
be vigilant, but there is a difference between being vigilant in an
intelligent manner and being vigilant in order to restrict freedom.