Can A Film Cross Line Of Good Taste?

Ruqaya El-Sadat, daughter of the slain Egyptian leader Anwar Sadat, has filed a complaint with the American Embassy in Cairo over an insulting remark made about her father in the film, “I Love You, Man.” An actor, Jason Segel, tells a friend who inquires why his dog is named Anwar Sadat that it does not stem from political admiration but, “because they look exactly alike.” One assumes this is humor. Mr. Segel has commented that he did not approve of the political policies on Sadat.

Anwar Sadat did what few Arab political leaders have attempted — he reached out in a spirit of peace and reconciliation to Israel in hope of ending the conflict in the Middle East between Arabs and Jews. I am left baffled as to exactly which Sadat policies Mr. Segel does not like. Would he approved of Sadat if he had engaged in violence and hatred? We can not censor a film, but hopefully everyone will never go see this piece of trash which insults an Egyptian leader as well as the people of Egypt.