Can A Mosque Disturb Christians?

There is growing concern among some Christians in the Czech city of Brno over plans to build a new mosque. Stanislav Juranck, chairman of the South Moravian Christian Democratic Party, announced his party was against the construction of any new mosques in the city. He believes the time is not ripe for new mosques in the town and his party “won’t tolerate fundamental changes to the image of the city.” Of particular concern to many Christians is the possibility that a new mosque might be topped with a minaret.

One can only assume some Christians fear that a second mosque will double the chances that extremists would take over. History does offer some lessons in the number of houses of worship and extremism. In the 1930s, Germany, a nation which contained thousands of churches invaded Czechoslovakia and eventually killed thousands of people. Apparently when some politicians have nothing to complain about, they find something as ludicrous as desire by Muslims to construct a house of worship!