Can A Religious School Adopt Dress Codes?

A Catholic high school in Volendom, Netherlands, was found guilty by the equal opportunities commission of violating the law because it forbid a Muslim girl to wear a headscarf. Up to this point, the girl was not strongly religious, but changed her mind and wanted to wear the headscarf. The commission argued Jewish children had the right to wear a skull cap, Christians had the right to wear a cross and Muslim females had a right to wear the headscarf. The only way the school would be allowed to ban the headscarf is if it decided to be completely Catholic. As one who opposes a ban on headscarves this decision leaves me with many questions. It is a Catholic school and if a non-Catholic person decided to become a student, surely they grasped there would have to be some conformity to school procedures.

No one forced the girl to attend this school and we would agree this is one example in which a school could ban the headscarf, much as we dislike taking away human rights from students.