Can A Sikh Wear His Turban In Army?

Two Army officers have been told they must shave their beards and take off their turbans because it is against Army policy for Sikhs to carry out their faith while on active duty. According to Captain Kamaljeet Kalsi, “I don’t think it’s fair for anybody to ask me to choose between my religion and my country. Shaving my beard and taking off my turban–these are part of my body. It’s part of my being.” Captain Kalsi is a doctor and was told upon joining that he could retain those features of the Sikh religion. Now, facing active duty he was told that not shaving or wearing a turban will somehow interfere with carrying out his medical duties.

Army spokesperson, Lt. Col. Nathan Banks said: “There are times when the Army cannot accommodate for religious reasons, such as when those religious observations would interfere with the wear of proper military headgear or protective clothing equipment.”

Hogwash. Sikhs have served in the British armed forces for over a hundred years without having to shave or take off their turbans. It is ridiculous regulations such as these that lose valuable members of the armed forces.

  • Charan Singh Kalsi

    now this event force me to think about US army that they donot know what is allowed and what is not allowed. Army recruiter said that Beared and Turban is not a problem and Department head said that they can not keep Beared and Turban. I like to know, who is on the fault? Recruiter, Head of Department or this new recruite, who join the Army with assurance. Even when Captain Kamaljeet Singh Kalsi completed his degree and whole army staff was present and they promoted him to Captain with his full beared and turban.
    I want to know, who goof off?

    Charan Singh Kalsi

  • Fred Stopsky

    Actually, the US Supreme Court upheld the right of the US army to forbid Jews to wear the yarmulke under their helmet. In America, the military operates under its own laws.