Can A Soldier Refuse Duty In Afghanistan?

Sgt. David Travis Bishop thought the war in Afghanistan was immoral which made it difficult for him to serve in an active role fighting in a war for whose aims he could not accept. he refused to deploy with his outfit to Afghanistan and was charged with being AWOL. A special two day court martial found him guilty of charges that he willfully disobeyed a lawful order from a superior officer. Sgt. Bishop apparently did not know he had the right to apply for a conscientious objector status.

The sergeant did turn himself in which suggests he was aware that he had disobeyed an order. But, the larger question is whether there is a point at which soldiers will wonder if the war in Afghanistan has an end, let alone a moral basis. The Afghanistan parliament just passed a law which reduces women to being chattels of their husbands. How can an American soldier believe he is part of a moral crusade?