Can America Control Events?

The new Republican mantra is that Obama fails to control the situation in the Middle East and this is the cause of problems. Mitt Romney insists his opponent just will not act. “We somehow feel we are at the mercy of events rather than  shaping events.” And to make the situation worse, Obama apologizes for what the US has done in certain situations. As for Mitt, “I will never apologize for America.”

During the 1980s under Republican presidents the Congress of this nation apologized to Japanese American citizens for the internment horror. A great nation apologizes for its mistakes. Germans have repeatedly apologized for the Holocaust. Secondly, the United States of America can NOT shape events in the Middle East unless Mr. Romney wants to crack down hard on Israel and its disastrous policies of taking over the West Bank. Of course, if he did so, goodbye to money from Mr. Adelson.

At this juncture in time, the US simply lacks any control over events. It can influence, but it can not control. There are the LIMITS OF POWER and this is one blatant example. There is a time for speeches and a time for silence. We could use a silent Mitt Romney.