Can America Lecture The World About Military Power?

During the past eight years, the United States military has intervened in the affairs of numerous nations and complained when anyone dares to increase its defense budget. William Lynn, the Obama selection to become deputy of defense, urged the incoming administration to be concerned about increases in military expenditures by China. He emphasized the need for America to retain “an edge in areas that are critical to achieving specific operational objectives.” Professor Shi Yinhn, of Renmin University, decried the American’s comment about what China should or shouldn’t do concerning its military goals. He believes the American military establishment wants the right to decide the policies of other nations regarding their armed forces.

Perhaps, before complaining about China spending too much on its military, we might examine our own expenditures. The Chinese most probably spend about 15% of what the United States does on the military, but any increase in China’s budget leads to complaints. It is time for the United States to reduce its military expenditures and cease trying to make decisions as to what the world does about armed forces.

  • Comrade Basa

    Why not? It co-operates with your neo-liberal agenda well enough. Your article lacks any insight into history, which is why everything on this blog doesn’t make any sense to someone who knows anything about the world before 1999. Perhaps that’s too harsh.. maybe 1930s, it seems to be the earliest date you’ve mentioned, despite the fact that nearly everything you talk about goes back much further – since you lack the understanding, it just takes away whatever shreds of legitimacy your blog may have had, which wasn’t much. Yes, you can cite however many newswires as you like, but no one is falling for it, save like-minded fools like yourself!

  • Fred Stopsky

    Well, Comrade, I was raised with Stalinists and Trotskyites, anarchists and so on. Perhaps, if you actually wrote a piece of coherence it might be possible to respond. What can one say about nothing?