Can Americans Handle Realism?

During the past thirty years, Americans have indulged themselves by prefering life in a fanstasy land to the reality of life in modernity. Ronald Reagan smiled his way into their hearts with tales of cutting taxes, reducing the debt, avoiding altering our energy policies and when he left office, the national debt was no longer, $900 billion, but over two trillion dollars. We dodged healthcare proposals offered by President Clinton because advertisements by medical corporations convinced one and all a system providing health care for all Americans was “SOCIALISM” and, as we all know, the name is the game, not what is offered as a solution.
Americans want their government to invent new things like the Internet, but never acknowledge it has done anything right. Americans want good highways and safe bridges, but the last time there was a national effort to create a modern transportation system was under President Eisenhower in the fifties. Americans accept the philosophy of George Bush, that noted thinker, which argues one can reduce taxes and still pay off debts. George entered the presidency with a national debt of about $5 trillion and left with a national debt of over $10 trillion. But, according to Republicans, our debt problems stemmed from Obama.
We inhabit a society in which the top 1% receive 23.5 percent of our wealth. We inhabit a society in which asking those making over a million dollars a year is asking them to dwell in the land of poverty. Reality suggests wealthy people MUST pay a greater share of their money in taxes. That in itself will not solve our debt problems. We need a five year program to begin the process of moving toward solving our debt problem.
How about as starters, a ten percent surcharge on all earnings over a million dollars. How about requiring the social security tax to be paid on ALL income? These are a begining, and while a first step is scary, it begins the process of maturity.