Can Anyone Believe Anything Said By Robert Mugabe?

Once upon a time in a country in East Africa there lived people who had developed their economy, had an excellent system of farming which provided employment and food for those living in the nation. Ah, that was a long time ago in an era before the “Great Leader,” Robert Mugabe, became head of the nation. Yes, there were legitimate grievances because white colonists had seized land from Africans and a process of restoring land to the people of Zimbabwe was needed. There was the possibility of white Europeans working in a cooperative manner to ensure redistribution of land in an equitable manner that ensured continuance of farms.

But, along came Robert Mugabe, with the rhetoric of division and hate. More importantly, he was not interested in creating a system which would restore to Africans their land, he was only concerned about rewarding his lackeys and fellow thugs. He destroyed the economy, plunged a nation which once was the bread basket of Africa into poverty and destroyed an excellent school system.

The Great Leader now talks about establishing “fresh, friendly and cooperative relations” with “those nations that have been hostile to us in the past.” Even as the words leave his lips, his thugs are beating up, not Europeans, but Zimbabweans who voted for the Movement for Democratic Change. Step one is reconciliation with the people of Zimbabwe, once that is accomplished, it will be easy to work in a cooperative manner with nations like the UK.