Can Children Be Taught To Hate By Parents?

A Canadian girl is at the center of an important court case because she was raised in a home by white supremacist parents whose beliefs led them to teach their children to hate anyone who was not white. The elementary age child used expressions like “Heil Hitler,” and told social workers that all black people should be killed. The trial is to determine if the province’s child welfare system will get permanent custody of the girl and her young brother. A social worker was called to the school after the girl showed up with white supremacist slogans written on her skin. She told the social worker that “what people don’t understand is that black people should die, that anyone who is not white should die.” Social workers discovered that in her home the children were given access to white supremacist websites.

The parents argue they believe in white supremacy just as some Muslims teach their children that only Muslims are right and it was OK to hate non-Muslims. “You can’t sit there and tell a Muslim family that they cannot teach their children Muslim beliefs or they can’t teach them Islam because there are certain people who take it to an extreme. Just because certain people take white nationalism to extreme doesn’t mean that I am.”

Provincial social workers also believe there is drug use in the house and the parents have given alcohol to baby sitters. The case raises questions as to what parents are or are not allowed to teach children.

  • Helena

    The Enemy Within
    When family preys upon each other’s

    I am a Black woman, 7th child of 12 siblings and we were taught to hate by our mother. We were not taught to hate other races but each other’s. I am 44-years old and a year ago, I decided to permanently divorce my estranged family because of genocidal behaviors within the family that proved to be destructive. My mother treated her children with indifferences that taught us not to just rival against each other’s, but actively premeditate each others financial, emotional, mental and finally physical demise! Last year I lost my fulltime employment at a local newspaper because my estrange sisters plotted together to submit items to the paper in my name and then they launched a false and frivolous complaint against myself. I was only at my place of employment for 1-week when they begin carrying out their plan. Later, after I was terminated from my position, due to their complaints against myself during a probationary period, where they identified their selves as my sisters/family members. It was during a restraining order I filed against the sister who filed the complaint, although she used another sister’s child profile information to submit to my column, and then they both complained when it did not publish when they thought it should have. One sister is passive aggressive involving herself indirectly another sister is aggressive and she did all the submitting. However, it came out during the court hearing for the restraining order that the sisters knew because I was on a probationary period and that would be the best time to have me terminated. I was 2 weeks from my probationary period, but as I said, they immediately put their plan in action and it worked. Prior to that employment, position. I worked for our local County, a union base agency, I was there for 2-years when they phoned that employer too, fabricating that I was stealing vital records for other family members, but they could not produce one family member who could claim that I had done such a thing! However, I was embarrassed and looked upon suspiciously by my superiors after that incident. After attempting for a promotion and a transfer to another department and was not considered for either. I knew I had been permanently tarnished by my own family and elected to quit voluntarily a few months later.

    Recently, a brother a year younger than me acquired a 1 million dollar company during 2007. When he took over the company it lost its major customer to overseas, which was the main reason the previous owners decided to sale, get out while the going was good. However, there were still four big name reputable companies that were a part of the company’s customer base and business was still very good. He was given this opportunity by a well-established, White businessperson who cosigned for my brother. In 2008, he hired our younger brother as a production manager and third in chain of command of the small but thriving company. Thriving that is…until my brother became president of the company. After a year of employment it became clear that our brother hired our younger brother to not only have him take the fall for the fraud and deceptive practices that he himself committed, but he attempted to totally destroy our baby brother and nearly did. Our baby brother left his previous employment he worked for over 20-years, benefits, retirement, and all the benefits of having tenure with a company, lost because of the hate that taught him to hate within his own family. Although it was a White man that cosigned for my brother a year younger than me, in the end he blamed all his deceptive practices and failures to operate the company according to state and federal laws on, “the white man,” and racism.

    In the gist of things, my mother would give a second option of food, if we did not like what she prepared for our daily meals, to some of her children and others she would not. She showed kindness to some of my siblings and others received beatings. She would speak ill to us against each other’s and anyone who did not belong to our immediate family was always treated better than us and received the best of whatever we had to offer whenever they vested our home, that was the main reason daring to tell anyone that was not within the family about our poor treatment. That information usually fell on death ears and caused a beating by our mother besides nobody believed us our mother was a human chameleon she knew which mask to put on for whom.

    That type of favoritism parenting style and practices only served to divide an otherwise beautiful group of people with diverse talents amongst us. Talents that we could not develop because both our parents did not appreciate and could not understand how important it was to nurture our self worth and god given talents. Our mother hated us for reflecting intelligence beyond hers and talent she never had the opportunity to develop as a child because of her own poor upbringing.

    Instead when my mother would see me reading, because I have to this day, a love of books. Instead of buying me books and encouraging my love of reading she would take the books away and insist that I read books that were not age appropriate for a typical young child, such as the bible and other adult like books I had no interest in at the time. Instead of allowing my reading desires to develop naturally; At one point of my life I stopped reading all together, it became a battle between me and my mother what I was reading and of course I lost as long as I was under her control.

    In addition to this type upbringing. I was reared within a school system district#205 of Illinois where it was found in 1996, by the 17th judicial circuit courts that our school administrators had a school system that deliberately and intentionally discriminated against minority and poor white children for over 30-years! Combine that with a parent/s who ignorantly raised their children that they do not count and are not important and what you end up with is children who are confused, hate within their own family, low self-worth and a numerous of social and personal problems. I remember my mother telling the teachers immediately upon meeting them they could beat us if we acted out and that she did not care, corporal punishment was allowed in school as a method of punishment in those days and most racists minded teachers took her up on her offer even when it was not warranted!

    After having my own family I begin to realized their type of thinking and parenting style was toxic to say the least. Not to mention it was beginning to effect my own family I eventually lost a daughter to my own extended family, who knew her demise meant mine she was the weaker link of my children and they would speak poorly about me to her until she no longer had respect for me and finally turned on me all together. My crime: I think, act, talk and live around White people. Oddly, although it was very clear they had issues with White people too, they do not dare reflect and direct their hate towards White people. Instead they smile in their faces and speak poorly about them behind their backs, but mostly they attacked each others and especially the ones of us whom they perceive as “different” from them. I was also hated for being the first and to date the only of my siblings to just about complete a college degree, that became a big deal to my genocidal minded family because they now fear daily that because of my education and efforts I could possibly make it one day and become financially secure.

    You see my enemy is my family and when the enemy comes from within it is the worst enemy you can have; mostly because they know you and what makes you click, your weaknesses and your most intimate self. Whereas an enemy that is outside of your immediate and intimate life most likely will not know what could hurt you the most without becoming close to you. There’s an old saying, “who need enemies with friends like you, referring to badly behaved friends” I say there is no enemy that can compare to a family member who decides to wage war against you, especially when you do not realized that they are the enemy until it is too late.

  • Jamie

    I hope and pray that you are able to break out from them, and seek refuge and solace in the Lord, and that in time to come, He will help and guide you, to slowly save them from what they’ve done to themselves and that they too will changed for the better.

    You are a really strong woman, Helena, and righteous, in how you do not retaliate by stooping to their level. May God bless you.
    Please take care.

  • Anita

    Family is the utimate brainwashing machine especially if they teach hate pretending it’s love.  Be careful of those that post pics of children in wheelchairs on facebook but don’t take care or love of their own children; Get it?

     Hope you have stayed away from your family as I have and learn to stay away from ex’s and ex-marital family because unfortunately we marry people that have undergone  generations of unresolved  THINKING PROBLEMS.

  • Anita

    We could be sisters; thank you for sharing.