Can Children Integrate Into Society?

Denmark has rather unusual immigration laws which apparently are based on the premise that unless one was born and raised in the country it was difficult for those coming from other lands to truly be a “Dane.” Over 800 children who sought to come to Denmark in order to join parents have been rejected on grouns they would experience difficulty adjusting to the new land. Ripa, a seven year old girl was rejected on grounds  it was impossible for her to become one of we Danes.

Between the years 1890 –1924 about twenty million people migrated to the United States of America from  eastern and southern Europe. It was quite common for dad to head to the US in order to raise money for the rest of the family. Sorry, Danes, but those children became outstanding American citizens, they became workers, doctors, lawyers,  scientists and fought to defend their adopted nation during World War II.

By the way, they helped to liberate Denmark from Nazi rule. And, they were children of immigrants who became loyal American citizens. Get some intelligence you Danes!