Can China Move From Economic Development To Human Rights?

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton urged the government of China to go beyond its tremendous economic advances by pursuing a similar path in human rights advances. Her remarks in support of freedom to Nobel Peace prize winner, Liu Xiaobo created an angry response from the Chinese government which takes as a personal insult awarding a critic of its policies an international prize in human rights. There is scant question China has embarked on a vast program of economic development, it has developed its technology, and it has built numerous universities who will be producing Nobel Prize winners in the future. However, it is doubtful if those prizes will come in the area of human rights. The dilemma for Clinton and the American government is how does it demonstrate support for human rights without antagonizing the government and causing it to crack down on dissidents in order to prove the US can not boss it around.

The future undoubtedly will eventually witness the emergence of human rights in China. The only question is : when?