Can Gay Students Associate With Straight Ones?

A Catholic School Board decided to end a ban that had been in place which prevented straight and gay students from having a club in which all could share their ideas concerning sexual attitudes. As one gay student noted: “the only requirement of members of these groups is to show up with an open mind and an open heart.” Defenders of the ban argued their Catholic religion rejected the concept of a gay orientation toward sexuality so why should a Catholic school support open belief in being gay? Canadian civil rights groups argued such groups worked to end hostility toward fellow students who were gay or lesbian. It is estimated there are such groups operating, with or without permission of the school board, in virtually all schools within the district.

Common sense is to allow young people a forum in which to discuss their feelings. All too often adults in schools believe they must supervise what goes on in schools. Believe it or not, schools are for youth, not for adults!