Can Holocaust Be Used For Every Problem?

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu raised the issue of another Holocaust several days after a Vatican official compared the “suffering” of Pope Benedict XVI to the brutality inflicted on Jews during the Holocaust. According to the Israel leader Jews in Israel are today in a comparable situation to that which confronted European Jews during the Holocaust. It is uncertain whether or not Netanyahu wishes Jews to flee from Israel to the safety of Argentine. At the Holocaust Remembrance Day ceremony, Netanyahu told the audience, “the world gradually accepts Iranian statements of destruction against Israel and we still do not see the necessary international determination to stop Iran from arming.” Ironically, his comments came days after he turned down an invitation to attend the largest gathering of nations for the topic of nuclear disarmament.

Even as Bibi spoke, Chinese President Hu and President Obama agreed there was need for controls on Iran’s nuclear program. Netanyahu has refused to cooperate with the United States to defuse the situation in the Middle East.

We still do not grasp exactly what Bibi means when he states the world does not take Iran seriously. President Obama has been non-stop in criticizing Iran and has been working for nuclear controls. Frankly, the only nation not interested in cooperating to halt Iran is—Israel!!