Can I Check My Hatchet??

I have no idea as to who is Yongda Hung Harris, but he is  one dude that I do not intend to mess with. He began his trip from Japan, stopped over in Korea and then headed to the United States. Upon arrival in the US it was discovered that he was wearing a bulletproof vest, had a smoke grenade, knives, clubs, handcuffs, a gas mask and a few other items in his luggage.

Officials in commenting how  someone could have a grenade on an airplane said: “this clearly looks like an error. Something slipped through that should not have slipped through.” I agree with this keen observation. The real question is how could ANYONE get all that stuff on an airplane? If Yongda can do it, can al-Qaida do it is the question? I guess the other  question is: Yongda, is there someone who you are upset with?