Can I Hate Blacks, Muslims Or Whoever?

French journalist Eric Zemmour enjoys being the center of attention, particularly when he can give it to liberals who go around claiming they love all people in the world. He recently appeared on a TV show where the issue of why are minorities stopped by the police more often than we white skinned folk. He responded: “But why are they stopped 17 times? Why? Because most dealers are blacks and Arabs. That’s a fact.” Actually, according to French law it is illegal to make counts about the specific number of white or black or Muslim people who are arrested for crimes. In other words, there are no available statistics to support his comment. Zemmour was also fined for telling another TV channel that employers “had a right” to turn down b lack or Arab candidates. Mr. Zemmour is of Berber Jewish background and, he apparently does not grasp that his ancestors were accused of being criminals and thieves who stole from ordinary French people.

Much as we believe Zemmour is a schmuck(a nice Yiddish expression) we firmly believe in the inalienable right of schmucks to speak their idiotic minds. The sorrowful aspect of this man is that he comes from people who were compelled to live in restricted areas(ghettoes) and persecuted for their strange manner of dress or religion. We wish Mr. Zemmour could take a time travel back into the times when he would be compelled to wear a Jewish star on his clothes.