President Obama has asked the government of Iran to return the drone he sent to Iran to spy on that nation. For some reason, they refused. How about:

1.  Student to professor: “Sir, could you return the  scrib sheet I left on my desk?”

2. Jon Corzine to Congressional Committee: “I think I left the key to my Swiss bank account on the table when I testified about the missing $1.2 Billion.”

3. Santa: “John, I think I left my sled at your house when I got caught up screwing your wife. Could you return it?  The sled, I mean

4. Newt Gingrich:  “I think I left one of my wives at your house.”

5. Rick Perry: “I think I left two things at your house, or was that three??”

6. Tony Soprano:  “I think I left a body in your basement.”

7. Mitt Romney: “I think I left my speech about being for health care on the desk, could you return it -to me?”

8. Herman Cain:  “I must have left 9-9-9 at your house. I am out of numbers and need them.

9. Rush Limbaugh:  “I know I left my shit someplace, are you sure it is not  at your house?”

10. Rupert Murdoch: ” I know I left the phone hacker some place, if he hacked your phone, could you ask him to get back here–quickly?”