Can I Insult People?

Lars Hedegaard of the Danish Free Press Society was at a Christmas party and got into a conversation with a man who happened to have his own blog. During the conversation, Mr. Hedegaard made the following comment: “Girls in Muslim families are raped buy their uncles, their cousins or fathers.” He was placed on trial for the comment on grounds that it constituted hate speech and was insulting to people in Denmark. He was acquitted on grounds that the statement was made in a private conversation and he did not know it would be published to the world. The court made clear his comments were insulting. The comment was not merely insulting, it lacked any foundation in fact. Does Mr. Hedegaard have any statistics to prove rape is more common in Muslim families than Christian or Buddhist or what?

As far as this blog is concerned Lars Hedegaard has every right to print such comments, he has every right to shout them on a street corner. Free speech means those who make stupid remarks have the right to make them–anywhere!