Can I Trust God To Handle Money?

At the turn of the 20th century, President Theodore Roosevelt was furious that our currency had the statement, “In God We Trust”since he did not believe God should ever be connected to money. Michael Newdow also opposes that expression on currency and sued to have it removed. An Appeals court found the expression has “nothing whatever to do with the establishment of religion.” and its decision was upheld by the US Supreme Court which refused to review the decision. In other words, we have God on our currency, but apparently God is not doing a good job helping achieve success in Afghanistan.

Teddy Roosevelt was right, keep God off our money. I woudl prefer if God spent some time with the money changers on Wall Street who need a bit of God in their heart. Personally, I doubt very much if having that expression on money would be exactly what Christ was talking about. Perhaps, we can arrange God sessions with Obama and Boehner. I am certain God would opt for jobs, not tax cuts.