Can I Turn Away Gays From My Home?

David Cameron, leader of British conservatives has frequently been embarrassed by members of his party on issues pertaining to gay rights. At a recent private meeting of the Center for Policy, his shadow Home Secretary Chris Grayling, told the group that owners of bed and breakfast establishments should be allowed to turn away gay and lesbian couples.” I think we need to allow people to have their own consciences” and an individual “should have the right to decide who does or doesn’t come into their home.” I do not believe anyone disagrees with the concept that in a democratic society each individual has the right to decide who does or doesn’t enter their home, but, is that the issue?

The issue is when an individual opens his home for business purposes such as a bed and breakfast then it is a choice to have government exercise certain conditions. For example, if you have a bed and breakfast there must be basic safety requirements. If you do not wish gays or lesbians in your home, it is very simple, just don’t open your home to the public.

  • Todd

    When you decide to open a business, you should make business decisions and leave the other stuff out of it.