Can I Walk With A Man Dressed Like A Woman?

There were fewer than three dozen men and women who gathered to protest against lack of gay rights in Russia, but to the police they represented forces of revolution who threatened to over turn the government. An “unsanctioned protest” called “slavic pride” aroused concern on the part of Russian authorities who rushed vans of police to the place of protest in order to maintain law and order. The gay pride group shouted threatening slogans such as: “Equal Rights! Homophobia Is A National Disgrace!” TV cameras rolled as police seized members of the group in order to take them away to prison.

Nikolai Alexeyev was walking arm and arm with a drag queen when police questioned him. He asked what was the nature of the offense he was committing and was told: “We have reason to think that you are going for a walk with a man dressed up like a woman.” I guess if a woman walks arm and arm with a woman dressed like a man it is equally threatening to law and order in Putin, Russia.

I wonder how one proves if dressed like a woman that you are really a woman and not a man dressed like a woman.