Can Jesus Be A Regular Guy?

I do not mean to offend any feminists by referring to Jesus or God using masculine expressions since it is clear many groups in American society have a better connection to holy folk than myself. A couple of Swedish men submitted an idea to Comedy Central which aroused interest and most probably their show about Jesus Christ acting like a regular guy while hanging out in New York City will be shown in the coming year. The comedy is about a Prophet who has a conflict with his Dad and flees to the confines of New York City where he becomes part of the normal scene of action. Conservatives like Brent Bozell are up in arms at depicting Jesus as any other than a son of God and someone who spent his time in Palestine before being executed for being obnoxious to a lot of folk. Bozell is urging advertisers to take off their ads and protect the image of Christ. I have not received any reports as of this moment as to whether Mr. Bozell has recently checked with Jesus or the Almighty up in Heaven.

William Donohue of the Catholic League for Civil and Religious Rights raises an interesting question to Comedy Central. How come they censor any references to Mohammad but have no such concerns when it comes to Jesus Christ? I await word from Comedy Central if they will soon be offering a program about Mohammad hanging out like a regular guy in Cairo.