Can M—–d Be A Teddy Bear?

Police are surrounding studios of South Park after this infamous terrorist group attempted to disrupt the entire Muslim world by a show in which the “M Man” is depicted as being a giant Teddy Bear. Muslim websites exploded in fury that anyone could depict their M-Man in any visual shape or form, particularly those of the non-Muslim faiths. The episode has Tom Cruise saying the only way to prevent a law suit against the town is to arrange a meeting between him and the Prophet Mohamed. “Mohamed has a power that makes him impervious to being made fun of. What if we could harness that power?”

The Revolution Muslim website warned that anyone connected with this show faced the prospect of death for insulting their “M-Man.” The show is now airing with a “censored ” label and instead of a Teddy Bear old reliable Santa Claus appears. As of this point, this blogger has not received any communication from the “M-Man” as to his reaction to being denied an appearance on South Park.

My question is: if we cannot depict the “M-Man” does that mean Muslims are not allowed to offer insulting cartoons about Jews?