Can NYPD Catch A Terrorist?

Mayor Bloomberg so enjoys boasting to the world about his New York City Police Department which, supposedly, has the best anti-terrorist organization in the entire nation. Assistant Chief Thomas Galati, admitted to the world that his great organization, despite years of spying on Muslims, eavesdropping on their conversations,  and monitoring mosque, sermons, and speeches by Muslims, has yet to come up with an example of a crime!! His organization has hired informants to infiltrate Muslim groups, and, as of this date, they have not been able to come up with a single example of a plot or crime!!

As Galati puts it so eloquently, “I never madea lead from rhetoric that came from a demographic report, and I’m here since 2006. I don’t recall any other ones prior to my arrival.” In simple,clear English, after spending hundreds of millions  on spies and harrasing Muslims in this country NOT A SINGLE EXAMPLE OF TERRORISM HAS BEEN UNCOVERED!!

So, Mayor Bloomberg, what are you boasting about?