Can Pakistan Be Trusted?

Armed insurgents entered a Pakistan naval base firing rockets and throwing explosives as they forced Naval commandoes to retreat. They seized some buildings and continued firing during the day. At least two planes were destroyed and several members of the navy killed or wounded. The real issue is whether the world cant rust 100 atomic bombs in the hands of Pakistan’s military when they can not even prevent a group of militants from entering a naval base, taking possession of buildings and conducting a day long campaign of terror. What is insurgents entered an atomic weapon facility and gained possession of an atomic bomb?

The government and people of Pakistan have to make a decision. Do they prefer being dominated by 15th century thinking clerics who oppose science and modern thinking or do they wish to create a modern society? Is the nightmare scenario for the US to contemplate, not just sending a few helicopters into Pakistan, but dispatching an armed force to that would gain control of an atomic weapon facility?