Can Pakistan’s Army Defeat The Taliban?

The Pakistan army is now conducting an offense in the Swat Valley against Taliban forces. From all indications, the fighting is fierce, thousands of civilians are fleeing for their lives, but there are many unanswered questions. The reality is that a few thousand Pakistan soldiers are fighting in this battle while over two hundred thousand remain on the border with India facing an enemy that does not exist. The Indian army is not going to invade Pakistan, but to the leadership of Pakistan the first priority is to maintain a large armed force on a border to fight against an enemy that is not going to attack. Why? It becomes increasingly clear the Pakistan army is divided with a large segment pleased the Taliban is extending its power. After all, the Pakistan secret service, the ISI, created the Taliban and has continually given it support.

The real question is whether the United States can influence Pakistan’s armed force to take a proactive stance in the fight against the Taliban. Money without strings will not result in a determined Pakistan army willing to fight the Taliban. If they want money, it must be linked to a massive attack on the Taliban. At some point Pakistan’s military must decide if they want an independent Pakistan that is a democracy or a theocracy under the control of the Taliban.

  • raheel

    please note tht the ISI might have supported the taliban indirectly in the recent past, but the fact is tht the taliban are an off shoot of the ‘mujahideen fighters’ trained and funded by the US state to fight the soviets. stop blaming pakistan for the creaion of the taliban.
    the US simply failed to realise that one day these same fighters will bog them down in a losing war in afghanistan itself.

  • Fred Stopsky

    Your comment is correct.

  • tamee

    Pakistaniz are soo stupid,, they cud have won this war easy if they send some more army to fight Talibans rather they maintain large army in borber for doing pooja of the weapons they have,,.

    I donot noe Y they dont understand India has many other jobs to do rather than occuping their shitland pakistan,,, India is a leading country and inshaallah ,, will be a super power,,.