Can Politicians Ask Any Question They Desire?

We live in strange times in which those running for public office have interesting ideas concerning the political process. Sirma Oran, a French citizen of Turkish origin, decided to run for a local office on the Green party line. During a debate, Mayor Jean-Paul Bret asked if she believed in the validity of the Armenian genocide. She not only refused to respond, but dropped from the race claiming bias. Ms. Oran went to court claiming that Bret only asked her about the Armenian genocide which is proof that he is a bigot. The Court threw out the request noting that under French law the Armenian genocide is accepted as a reality.

Ms. Oran, are you requesting that courts decide which questions can be asked during a political campaign? If so, do they also evaluate responses? Stop pussy-footing and confront the Armenian genocide and move on with your life.

  • journeyer58

    First of all, this question was in fact to show the bias of Ms. Oran, this having been said, any question whether foolish or not should be asked of all wanna-be politicians to see how they respond on their feet to situations of extreme prejudice and stress.
    We, the people need to know about the prejudices of those who seek elective office. We have the right to know what makes politicians tick, and the right to know if they will serve the whole of their electorate or just the portions that, are exactly like them.
    Ms. Oran, showed her true colours when she would not answer the question in an honest and truthful way. The Turkish people have yet to confront their past history of GENOCIDAL behaviour towards those of the Christian faith, namely the Armenians, who died in the first holocaust of the 20th Century. Americans as well have yet to confront their own past behaviour towards the Native population.
    Americans are as blind to their own holocaust as the Turks are to theirs. We must learn the true history of our countries past, only then will we move forward as a nation. Only then can we move into the light of the new Century, I fear if we do not then the horrors of the last century will be repeated but on a global scale this time.