Can Romas Be Integrated Within Hungary?

During the past sixty years, many European nations have confronted issues of ethnicity and national hatred in working toward a European Union based on respect for human rights. However, the issue of where do Roma citizens belong in countries like Hungary has produced considerable talk, but scant action at government levels. Zoltan Balog of the parliamentary Human Rights Committee, recently told a business group it was time “to find a language to speak clearly about the problem” without offending Romas. He noted the political rise of the nationalist Jobbik party which fosters fear and hate of Romas as a symptom of what must be addressed if this issue can result in equal citizenship for all who are members of the Hungarian community.

Recent surveys of Hungarians reveal over 60% of the population believes criminality is “in the blood of Romas.” In the view of Balog any solution begins with providing meaningful work for Romas so they can earn a decent living and cease requiring government assistance. A sensible solution.