Can South Africa Be A Moral Leader?

The election of Nelson Mandela as president of South Africa meant more than a former rebel becoming head of the nation which had persecuted him, it represented the triumph of individuals who believed that democracy had a role in the lives of all humanity. Former president Thabo Mbeki of South Africa violated the principles that Mandela represented by refusing to take action against his friend, Robert Mugabe, despite that Zimbabwean ruler’s disregard of human rights in his nation. Now, Kgalema Motlanthe heads South Africa and there is yet any evidence he will stand with the people of Zimbabwe to resists oppression. Members of the Zimbabwean Liberation Veterans Forum which consists of those who fought against colonialism urged Motlanthe to take action and assist the suffering people of Zimbabwe.

“we as liberation fighters and senior commanders feel the ideals we fought for have been betrayed by people like Robert Mugabe. We had hoped our colleagues who fought for liberation in South Africa, Nambia and Mozambique, would hold Mugabe to account.” Despite this statement by those who fought, the response has been silence on the part of other African leaders. All they can do is hold meetings and conduct discussions. Mugabe will only respond to force.