Can US Carry On With Karzai As President?

There are increasing reports of growing conflict between the Obama administration and the presidency of Hamid Karzai. Muhammed Fahim, who would become vice president in a new Karzai government was accused by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton of being heavily involved in opium trafficking. His work with drug dealers would make him ineligible to enter the US which creates the rather unusual situation of a vice president in a nation which ostensibly is our ally not being able to enter the country! There is evidence Obama’s man in Afghanistan, Richard Holbrooke, had angry words with Karzai over his choice of thugs to be allies in his presidential campaign.

Holbrooke has criticized the election results and had extensive talks with the opposition candidate Abdullah Abdullah. Karzai is at odds with British representatives, he is not trusted by the people of Afghanistan and the question remains– is he the best the West can get in Afghanistan? As one surveys the crooks and thugs who are in the Afghan government one is left to wonder, why exactly are we fighting the Taliban?

I wonder how President Obama will explain to the relatives of our soldiers who die to protect drug lords why their children died to sustain a corrupt government!!