Can US Knock Down North Korean Missiles?

During the past twenty five years American presidents have insisted our military should have the ability to knock down missiles coming from other nations. President Reagan began the process of allocating billions of dollars in his famous plan to create a vast anti-missile system defending the United States. Billions of dollars have been spent, but, so far, there is no air tight system to eliminate missiles headed for North America. However, Secretary of Defense Robert Gates told Congress our existing anti-missile systems are sufficiently effective to respond to any missiles coming from North Korea. “I have confidence that if North Korea launched a long range missile in the direction of the United States that we would have a high probability of being able to defend ourselves.”

I am glad the Secretary of Defense is confident. The only part that bothers me is the “high probability” part. Does that mean “some” or does it mean “all.” I sort of would like to know because if I’m living on the West Coast it might be time to head east young man.