Can Women Raise Patriotic Sons In Turkey?

In a male dominated Muslim society such as Turkey it goes without saying the assumption of most military leaders is that fathers are the ones who raise their sons to serve the nation. Sebnem Bora, a mother who single-handedly raised her sons is furious at the Turkish military for sending a letter to her home that was addressed to her former husband who left the family years ago. Her son recently completed his compulsory military service and the letter praised the absent Mr. Bora for his efforts in raising such patriotic boys. “As the father who made such a great effort in raising your son, however much you praise yourself for this it is too little.”

As mom put it so eloquently: “I do not find it right that our armed forces have such as male-dominant approach in this day and age.” She urged military leaders to take a good hard look at Turkish society and recognize the role played by women in raising daughters and—Sons!