Canada Hope Of Omar Khadr In Guantanamo

The American defense attorney, Lt. Comdr. Bill Kuebler, told members of the Canadian parliament that Omar Khadr will be convicted if he goes to trial in Guanatanamo, not because he is guilty, but due to a stacked trial system which ensures convictions rather than justice for defendants. “Omar’s story is one of victimization by everyone who has ever had authority over him and punishment for misdeeds of others. It is not a question of giving this young man a second chance. He has never had a first one. The only blessing he’s had is being born in Canada and this country now represents his only hope.” The Pentagon alleges Khadr threw a grenade that fatally wounded U.S. Sgt. Christopher Speer, although recently disclosed documents question his culpability

Omar is being damaged by statements from relatives who admire al-Qaida and have attacked Canada. His father is allegedly a financial supporter of al-Qiada, but the evidence against the Kahdr(who was fifteen at the time of the alleged attack) is flimsy.

The real hero in this case is Bill Kuebler, who most probably has destroyed his career in the Navy as a result of defending his client in the manner expected of lawyers. To defend a client all-out is the not goal of the Guantanamo trial system.