Canadian Court Voids Law Restricting Immigration Rights

A Canadian court has struck down a Quebec law which placed restrictions on the right of immigrant children attend English speaking schools. The 2002 bill would have imposed restrictions on immigrant children who seek to attend a non-subsidized English language school in order to obtain a certificate which would allow them to attend an English language school. Frankly, the entire process strikes one as creating problems rather than solving them. Any child should be eligible to attend any school regardless of their English speaking ability. Placing children with those who speak English is the best guarantee the process of learning to speak English is accelerated.

Adults think like adults, they assume children can not live in ambiguity nor are they able to interact with other children who are still learning to speak English. Relax, allow children to interact and this “problem” will disappear. Trust the experience of hundreds of years in which immigrants entered a new country and learned a new language.