Canadian Police Charged With Racism

The former police chief of the Mohawk Tyendinaga First Nation is taking the Ontario Provincial Police(OPP) to court on grounds he was fired from the OPP for speaking out against racism in policing. Larry Hay was fired earlier this year from the eight person force after telling the Belleville Loyalist College student newspaper the most Canadian police groups are riddled with racism. Hay had been a member of the RCMP for over 20 years. He also charged the OPP had ignored recommendations from the Ipperwash Inquiry which urged police to work more closely with members of the First Nations’ police groups in order to deal with possible issues of racism. The report cited “cultural insensitivity and racism was not restricted to a few ‘bad apples’ within the OPP but was more widespread.”

Hay pointed out the First Nations’ police had less power than other police groups nor do its police have the same rights in dealing with disciplinary actions. The OPP, as in most such cases, refused to comment about the charges on grounds reasons for his firing are in his personnel file and therefore can not be shared with the public.