Canadian Union Leader Apologizes-Sort Of

Sid Ryan head of CUPE which is the largest union in Ontario apologized for comparing Israel bombing of academic institutions in Gaza to the actions of Nazism but did not back down from his outrageous demand that any Jewish or Israeli member of an academic institution must publicly condemn actions in Gaza by the Israel Defense Force. “I made some remarks about the actions of the Israeli army and that was a stupid statement for me to make. I unequivocally apologize.” However, he would not back down from demanding public apologizes from anyone who is Jewish or Israeli and insisted those who do not should be boycotted.

Over 5,000,000 people have been murdered in the Congo and hundreds of thousands of women raped, but Mr. Ryan sees no need for apologies. Over 200,000 have died in the Sudan, but from Ryan’s perspective there is no need for any Sudan academic to apology. Pakistan has witnessed the death of thousands, but no demands from Ryan for apologies. Iran violates human rights every day and debases women, but from the Ryan perspective that does not call for apologies. In Zimbabwe, not 600, but over 1,700 have died from cholera due to the policies of President Mugabe, but no apologies needed.

Why Israel and Jews alone are required to apologize? I assume Mr. Ryan never requested apologies from those of Irish heritage when the IRA killed dozens of innocent people. Mr. Ryan is a bigot, and hypocrite of the first order. In his mind set, if you are a Canadian Jew then somehow you are bound to denounce Israel policy. I thought a Canadian Jew was a Canadian.