Canadians Urge New Afghan Strategy

There is increased talk in the Canadian parliament about the need to extricate their soldiers from the disaster that is Afghanistan. Canadian military leaders do not have much trust in sending in more troops unless it is linked to a strategy of developing the infrastructure of local villages and give people a reason to support NATO and American forces. Their soldiers are focusing on a “model village” approach which provides villages with solar powered street lights, or work repairing roads in order to get money flowing into the village and restore the economy.

A local leader, Ahmadullah Kazak, noted as a result of the Canadian approach, “the economy is growing day by day and it’s directly affecting the security because if they have a good economy, you are helping the government security.”

The reality of the war in Afghanistan is simple — there is no way sufficient troops will be sent which leaves the alternative strategy of beginning village by village of giving Afghans a reason to oppose the Taliban.