Tim Hollis, chief constable of Humberside Police made common sense when he informed the media that police in his area were being urged not to focus on crimes involving cannabis since budget cuts had impaired their ability to deal with crime. He told them, “we would rather invest our time in getting high-level criminals before the courts, taking money off them and removing their illicit gains rather than targeting young people.” Instead of wasting society’s time placing young people in a court of law, he prefers giving them some advice and allowing youth to pursue their lives without the benefit of time in jail. “We don’t want to criminalize young people,” because doing so only makes it harder for them to enjoy productive lives. Earlier this week, one of England’s leading experts on cannabis, Professor Roger Pertwee, urged introducing a license which would allow people to smoke cannabis. he argued making cannabis as available as alcohol would prevent drug-related crime and reduce opportunities for youth to get into harder narcotics.

Anyone with a bit of common sense knows sending people to jail for smoking cannabis while not sending them to jail for smoking cigarettes makes no sense. Authorities claim cannabis is a harmful drug, well, so is alcohol and smoking causes more deaths than all the cannabis being smoked.