Can’t Beat Em-Buy Em Off!

An international conference which is discussing ways of dealing with the war in Afghanistan has concluded that if NATO/US forces can not win on the ground, then why not simply save time and money and bribe Taliban forces to end their fight against the government of Hamid Karzai. The 60 nations pledged $180,000,000 to offer moderate members of the Taliban who would cease fighting and be provided jobs, farms, housing and other amenities for simply laying down their arms. Diplomats deny this in any way is a bribe approach, we simply are giving people who seek to kill our forces money in order for them not to kill anyone. Of course, this is not a bribe, it is called, “capitalism in action.”

President Karzai will call a royal jirga which hopefully will be attended this spring by chieftains and other local Afghan leaders in order to gain their support for this “victory through money approach.”

Is there a way the Obama administration could adopt this approach to win over Republican combatants who are deadlocking Congress? How much pork barrel legislation would convince several Republicans to end their defiance against any action in the Senate?