Can’t Have Cake And Eat It Too

A man in Philadelphia was driving home with a friend when he turned around to discover his friend was eating the cake he had purchased. What else could the man do but shoot his friend in the chest. There is a moral buried somewhere in this tale about not being able to eat your cake and still have a cake in your possession. Apparently, the Republican party believes fervently in the axiom that one can consume a cake and still have a cake to consume. For example:

1. Republicans are determined to end earmarks. But, just about every Republican in Congress is deeply involved in earmarks.

2. The Republican party wants to reduce the power of Barack Obama over the budget. An earmark is a bill that compels a government department to spend a portion of ITS EXISTING BUDGET in a manner determined by Congress. If earmarks end, then Barack Obama has MORE POWER in deciding the budget.

3. The Republican party wants to reduce the national debt by cutting taxes which reduces income for the federal government and leads to an increase in the national debt.

4. Republicans want to reduce expenditures while raising expenditures for the military.

5. Republicans believe Barack Obama, who during the election was attacked for his friendship with a minister, is a secret Muslim. Which is it?