Can’t Stand Your Ground In South Africa?

it is increasingly evident that Oscar Pistorious was living in the wrong country at the wrong time and this is what has led to his being placed on trial for shooting his girl friend, Reeva Steenkamp. If only Mr. Pistorious lived in a civilized society such as found in places like Texas or Florida or the southwest of America, he would not be standing trial just because he THOUGHT there was a threat to his life by some black dude and blasted away to save both his and his girl friend’s life. OK, so the “noise” he heard in the bathroom was not that of his girl friend, but the important thing is: “he felt a genuine and real danger to his life which means he has the right to shoot and shoot until the threat is gone.” OK, so there was not a threat to his life, but according to the National Rifle Association if YOU THINK THERE IS A THREAT then you have the right to kill and kill.

Based on NRA logic, the culprit in this trial is Reeva Steenkamp. WHY did she make Oscar think there was a threat?? If she had not made him think there was a danger, he would not have fired. This means, the person who should be on trial is –Reeva Steenkamp!!